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Monday, March 29, 2010

Review; The Fourth Kind, By Kayden McLeod

The Fourth Kind

Science Fiction/Thiller

Length: 98 minutes

Cast: Milla Jovovich

Rating: (Out Of Ten) 8


This is a movie with a half-documentary feel (I.E. Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project). It begins with Milla Jovovich, as herself, explaining that the following is combination of actual footage on what happened, and filmed dramatization of actual events. It is sometimes just one or the other, and at times split-screen to show both.

Doctor Abigail Emily Tyler is a psychologist who is working with “delusional” trauma victims. The strangest part is, her patients are all having the same hallucinations; dreams of a white owl outside their window at night, strange beings in their rooms with them, but they cannot remember enough to help themselves, let alone her.

Seeing the pattern, she begins to put them under hypnosis, where the severity of the problem is not only suggested, but indisputably confirmed. Her first patient has an adverse reaction, ending up in seizures from the treatment. That night he mentally breaks, surrounded by the doctor and a fleet of police, to kill his family before he finally turns the gun on himself, and commits suicide.

She strives to figure out the problems unravelling faster than she can possibly keep track of. All the while her own mental-health continuously comes into question, having to avoid being arrested while she attempts to figure out just what is going on in Nome, Alaska.

I am not a huge fan of alien movies, but this one was subtle enough that I bypassed my typical dislike of the “genre”. It short of screwed with my head, which is quite honestly a good thing. I hate movies that are predictable. Interviews with the “real” Dr. Tyler were included in the real footage, and a nice touch. Delving a little into the research after I’d watched the movie that was supposed to be based on “real events”, there was much speculation and controversy, some articles even going as far to say Dr. Tyler was never a licensed psychologist, nor had they ever heard of her.

Random Trivia: The meaning of the “fourth kind” is actual abduction. There are four levels of encounters with aliens, and I have to agree with Dr. Tyler, the fourth is the most terrifying…




Trent Kinsey said...

Awesome review... Thanks for sharing and again, glad to know it seemed like a worth-watch!

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