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Monday, January 11, 2010

Death’s Design On Humanity….

Dear Readers,

Have you ever stood on a lonely stretch of road with tall, imposing trees stretching a concealing canopy on either side as far as you can see in either direction? Nothing but darkness and the unknown beyond them, knowing if help were needed, there wasn’t anywhere to run.

Staring ahead of you, never looking to either side, you know something…someone watched. That someone had a design for you, but there is no inclination as to what. A cold drop of sweat rolls down the back of your neck, tickling each erect hair that’s screaming terror, along with every one of your instincts. You turn around, knowing there has to be…

…But nothing is there.

It makes you think doesn’t it? That maybe, sometimes, there really is something watching us, waiting for the perfect predetermined moment to strike.

I’m about to start watching Final Destination, The Ultimate Destination. I’ve seen the past three movies in the Final Destination Series, all the way back to Devon Sawa on the plane, having a vision that it would crash…and it indeed did. He found out about a different side to this world, one none of us ever wants to see.

We prefer the delusion that there isn’t destiny, fate or death waiting in the wings, pulling our strings. While that very well could be truth…what if it weren’t? That if our misconceptions of control were nonexistent? We are all puppets in some bigger plan, game…

These movies suggest an entity that holds death dear, one that decides who and when dies, and just how to make it happen. On top of that, it has intelligence and rationale, something none of us want when it comes to our worst nightmares. This thing methodically plots with a specific design in mind, an order in which it is done…precise to the point, that it can and has been tricked because of it. Sometimes with deliberate intention, though sometimes not. It is only a matter of perception…and the willingness to see the stuff right before our eyes, without letting our minds put a rational explanation to the irrational.

In the theory of these movies, when death has its eyes upon you, there are ways of knowing it. Seeing small tells around us; just as a reflection in a window, a particular coincidence. A sinking feeling begins in your stomach, but your mind writes it off as something far more mundane. But then a sequence of events leading to your death unfolds around you, and in our naivety, the last grain of our hourglass falls, and it’s over. Even with life handing you hints, it’s unavoidable, though not inescapable.

In the theory of escape, there is an order things must be done, and to interfere with that order will be to disturb death’s design. In these movies, it’s typically someone living through a scene, seeing everything around them in vivid detail, only to start back over, but now with the knowledge to save themselves, and those around them.

In doing so, the order disrupts and death stumbles, pulling back to regroup and assess. But never to give up, and never to forget, always in pursuit of those on whatever list that decides who lives and who dies. It is up to those who are permitted mere glimpses to decipher their own survival.

Now if such an entity existed, would we, the average, unsuspecting person have the abilities and open-mindedness to see it, stop it?

Or on the flipside, what if you did see what happened, and succeeded in avoiding the happenings over and over again? Only to find out everything you’d just been through, only brought you to a time and place of its choosing…and you were going to die anyways.

Final Destination, The Ultimate Destination, is much like the three before it, but I wasn’t expecting much differently. Even though they are damned near carbon-copies of each other, the concept intrigues me in one of those…”What If” mentalities.

Normally, I’m not quite this morbid…lol. But it makes you think, doesn’t it?

Spooky Reading…

Kayden McLeod


Trent Kinsey said...

yes it does make you your death part of a larger plan and does it play into the death of other people?

Thanks for posting today, Kayden!

Kayden McLeod said... always no problem :) Happy to do it.