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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to my darkness

Before I open this blog up for all my friends to come in and tell us all what they like, dislike, are publishing and working on, I wanted to officially welcome everyone to Inside the Devil's Oak.

Here you will find reviews and promotions from authors and fans of horror. Here you can find out what a writer of horror might think of the latest horror movie or book coming out. And you just might end up with some free stuff along the way as I hope to one day host new authors looking to promote their works.

With that said, right now my friends Kayden McLeod and Robin Renee Ray are my list of fellow authors. If you would like to submit a blog or review, please contact me at and I can see what opportunities Inside the Devil's Oak has for you!

Until then, enjoy my friends…

Trent Kinsey


RobinRenee said...

Hello Trent, I just had to say that I absolutely love your book cover, and Kayden's! They both just reach out and grab you by that thing that says...Pick Me Up!!!

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Have a great night and by all means...Rock On!!!

Trent Kinsey said...

Thanks Robin for being one of my contributors!

I'm excited to have you on board and feel free to let me know when you have updtated books to promote so I can update the cover list with links to buy and all...

Thanks again,

Diane Scott Lewis said...

Trent, I don't write horror, but I've read quite a few. The best of luck with your new blog!

Author Mary C said...

Good Luck on your new blog, Trent!I'm sure it'll be interesting.

Trent Kinsey said...

If you want to drop in a review or comments, please feel free to contact me...I'm using horror as a theme but I am not restricting my contributors to being horror writers only.

Thanks for stopping by..It means a lot to have friends come in and talk about my favorite genre :D

Mary -- You rock! Thanks for giving me your support!

Cate Masters said...

Very cool blog, guys! Looking forward to your posts.

Trent Kinsey said...

Thank you so very much for stopping by...You are one in a million and you are always welcome here!

Ever read a horror story or watch a movie, please feel free to tell us what you think and I'll be glad to add it to the site!

Lorrie said...

A first time visitor here. What a lovely site. I'll be sure to earmark and visit often.

Trent Kinsey said...


Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to comment any time you like! We're glad to have you here...Be sure to pass the word and if you ever want to see an opinion about a specific subject in horror (movie / book / other) feel free to contact me at and I'll see what I can do to get it on the site for you!

Thanks again!